MyCar for iPhone

Welcome to MyCar!

Turn your real car or automobile into a 3D model on your iPhone.
With MyCar! you can easily create a 3D car model of your own real car, automobile, toy car, from a drawing or pictures.
MyCar! provides three template car models and a demo car so you can quickly start copying your own car into a 3D model.

In three steps for each side of your car you recreate your own car.

1. Select a car side.
2. Make a photo of that side of your car
3. Adjust the model (you can really edit the 3D model)
Repeat step 1 to 2 for each side of your car and you are finished.


● Use the camera to capture the sides of your car.
● Edit the 3D model to match your car.
● Use MyCar! as a toy car including engine and horn sounds, spinning wheels, and smoke effects.
● Record your own car sounds.
● Use MyCar! as an 'in-car' compass.
● MyCar! can measure your speed using GPS.
● MyCar! is fun with 3D graphics on your iPhone. You can make your own crazy car.
● Augmented Reality (AR); make photo's of MyCar! everywhere on the world with the camera background.
● MyCar! is fun as 'in-car' entertainment.
● If you don't own a real car, you now have your virtual one!
● MyCar! makes 3D car modeling easy.
● Show your car in 3D to your friends and let them hear the sounds.


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